Meet the team

We understand the test. We understand the process.

Randall Malcolm - Pedagogy

  • Standardized tests taught: 7
  • Languages spoken: 3
  • Hours spent teaching: ~10,400
  • Houses renovated: 4

Randall has spent his life listening. He pays attention to what’s said just as much as he pays attention to what’s not. It’s this ability that helps helps him understand not only what to teach, but also how.

Dr. Joann Huizhen Tang - Data Science

  • Cities lived in: 8
  • Research projects: 16
  • Cats: 4 
  • Programming languages: 4

Joann’s core strength as a data scientist is utilizing machine learning tools and methods, especially computer vision and pattern tracking, to understand human cognition and behavior

Ed Ozolins - Developer

  • Number of projects developed: 17
  • Lines of code written per day: ~100
  • Cups of coffee per day: 3 
  • Languages spoken: 4

(Ed)gars has been successfully providing professional services to various corporations and sole proprietorships since 2008. He is an expert in advanced programming techniques and combines his knowledge and experience to deliver the best creative to Transport Learning products.

Ryan Nance - Design

  • Number of apps designed: 19
  • number of downloads: 195 million and counting
  • Countries visited: 38
  • Languages in which he can say “thank you”: 48

Ryan’s core strength as a User Experience practitioner is creative problem solving with the ability to articulate in a clear and compelling way a vision of a surprising and successful user experience.