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The Most Innovative Solution for Autistic Students
ASD-Specific Analytics

Skeeps is the only app that collects and analyzes ASD-specific biometric data, such as gaze direction, head movements, and on-screen behavior, to personalize learning for autistic students – like never before.

Socio-Emotional Development

Skeeps incorporates empirically-supported techniques to assist autistic students with their socio-emotional development, paying special attention to their self-management, self-awareness, and social awareness skills.

Universal Accessibility

Services that analyze ASD-specific features use expensive hardware, leaving millions helpless. At Skeeps, we believe in making a real difference for everyone – and that’s why we made Skeeps free. Try it today!

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Demo’s available April 15th, 2021
With Skeeps, you’ll gain access to profound, empirically-supported insights about your student’s academic and socio-emotional development – without any of the costs.