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SAT vs. ACT: Find Out Which Test You Should Take

Both the ACT and the SAT are accepted by most schools. This paradigm often leaves students wondering which test they should take. 

Most of the time, people take the SAT over the ACT because it is simply more popular. Believe it or not, there are many students who haven’t even heard of the ACT despite the fact that both exams are accepted by most schools. In the class of 2018, more than 2.1 million people took the SAT, while 1.9 million students took the ACT. 

Both exams are created to demonstrate how ready you are for college. Even so, the tests are quite different in terms of structure, questions and timing. 

To help you answer this question, we’ll highlight a few facts for both exams. 

Timing Difference

The SAT takes about 3 hours to finish with an optional 50 minute essay. The ACT lasts 2 hours and 55 minutes with an optional 40 minute writing option. 

Number of Questions

The SAT features 154 questions vs. 215 for the ACT. Test-takers have more time on the SAT with 1 minute and 10 seconds per question, compared with 49 seconds on the ACT.

Scoring Difference

The scoring for each test also differs. For the SAT, total scores range from 400-1600; for the ACT, the composite score runs from 1-36. 


The cost of the exams also varies. The SAT costs $47.50 for the test only and $64.50 if the optional essay is included. The ACT costs $50.50 for only the exam and $67 if the optional writing test is included. Additional fees may apply for other options, such as late registration. Students may also be able to take the SAT or ACT for free thanks to state support or fee waivers.

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