The Dashboard

Understand what you need to work on and how.

Be ready for the test date

Skeeps makes sure you’re studying and ready for the test date. You’ll get specific study tips for the weeks and days before the test.


As you do more questions, Skeeps will tell you which test you’re best suited for. Skeeps even sends an email to let you know if it’s time to try a few questions of the other test. Study for the test you’re best at. That’s the motto.

Best time to study

No one likes to waste time. So, why not study when you learn best? Skeeps also gives recommendations for when you might want to try to study as well, just to make sure you find the optimal time to study.

Daily time spent studying (coming soon!)

Think of the SAT and ACT like a marathon. If you practice a little bit everyday, you’ll be prepared for the final race.

Mastery by subject (coming soon!)

It’s important to know what you know and what you don’t know. Skeeps makes sure to show you what you’ve mastered and helps you predict how much more time it’ll take to reach 100% mastery.